Curriculum Consulting

We bring 20+ years of expertise in business-needs and training-needs analysis to our clients, and our depth and range of experience provides an informed, critical perspective on the effectiveness of your current training programs. Whether you’re ready for a complete realignment of your training strategies to engage a millennial workforce, or you simply need a targeted solution to fulfill a specific compliance requirement, Candent offers a menu of consultancy services which will effectively and economically meet your business’s most urgent needs.

Technical Consulting

Baffled about the range of learning management systems out there? Confused about the future possibilities of the xAPI and data analytics? Curious about how to implement a gamified learning strategy? Thinking about giving a VR or AR solution a try? Candent provides technical consultancy services that can help your organization understand and address technical issues like these. We have a practical and up-to-date familiarity with the always-evolving technological landscape of e-learning, and we’re here to help you navigate these deep and turbulent waters with clarity and purpose.

Custom Desktop and Mobile Solutions

The most basic tenet of our philosophy is “the right solution for the right problem” so we always strive to avoid putting the technological cart before the training-solution horse. What that means is really just common sense: we create mobile solutions when the problem calls for one, and a desktop (or performance support, or blended) solution when the situation merits something else. We are fully ambidextrous when it comes to mobile vs. desktop design and development. And because we are not a product company, and not bound to any particular authoring tool, we can always deliver to whatever that optimal channel turns out to be.

Games and Simulations

Having a safe space to practice complex decision-making and being able to witness the real-world consequences of those choices can be an immensely effective training experience. We have built simulations designed to teach everything from fast-food restaurant efficiency to the way trunked communications systems work (see case studies). Creating an effective training simulation does not have to be a daunting or cost-prohibitive task; we have the expertise to help you design a simulated experience around the specifics of the training problem at hand, so that the outcome is focused and practical and the development cost is manageable.

Performance Support Solutions

The proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace has made alternatives to the traditional, course-based training model more attractive and more viable than ever before. Candent has developed a range of performance support solutions tailored to serve a physically and geographically mobile audience: fast-food workers, retail sales associates, manufacturing workers, and travelling sales representatives, to name a few. For audiences like these, just-in-time and on-demand training programs, alongside innovative micro-learning strategies, have proven far more impactful and cost-effective than traditional, seat-time based approaches.

Blended Solutions

The common-sense corollary to our guiding belief in “the right technology for the right solution” is a willingness to go “old school” when the situation calls for it. That could mean exploring low-tech approaches — like well-designed job aids, infographics, or paper & pencil activities — or even “no-tech” experiences — like peer-to-peer role-playing games or in-person, facilitator-led training sessions. Multiple problems demand multiple training modalities, and we strive to keep all paths open as we craft a multi-faceted strategy. Even the best e-learning programs need a healthy training eco-system in which to thrive. We believe that implementing a robust diversity of approaches keeps each individual element vibrant while fostering a community of engaged and enthusiastic learners.