Why Us?

We’re a lean & agile firm dedicated to finding cost-effective, targeted business solutions.

Based in San Francisco, the leading center of technology and innovation, we’re always striving to find new and creative ways to engage learners and provide the most effective tools to improve performance.

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“I’ve had the privilege of partnering with Candent Learning on multiple e-learning projects across several companies in the restaurant, consumer product goods, and supply chain solutions industries. Quite frankly, because they are the best! They have a keen ability to quickly assess business issues and provide innovative, engaging, highly interactive, and on-time, custom learning solutions that drive behavioral change on a global scale. The team at Candent Learning are truly world-class valued partners!”

Frank Jaquez
Sr. Director, Global Learning & Talent Development at Flex

“When I was at AIA, we brought Candent Learning to Hong Kong as consultants to provide an instructional strategy and design workshop for our internal training team. Their guidance opened our eyes to how innovative and effective e-learning can be, and their passion and creativity continues to influence my approach to learning today.”

Jason Luk
Sr. Manager – Digital Learning at Li & Fung Limited

“Over the course of five years, Candent Learning Solutions helped us realize our learning and technology strategies for our global audience of learners. They became fully immersed in our organization's culture, whilst challenging our thinking with their broad knowledge and creative and innovative solutions.”

Bernard Green
Sr. Manager – HR, Learning, Development & OD, KFC Global


Looking to reimagine your training to respond to a changing workforce?

At Candent we provide a range of services, from curriculum analysis, to mobile development, to 360-degree blended solutions. Whatever the need, we have the experience and capabilities to identify and build the right solution for your training needs.

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About Us

Candent Learning Solutions was founded in 2011. We have remained a small shop over the years because agility, scalability and adaptability have been critical to our success in the volatile world of online learning.

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Latest Post

Fast Casual Usability Testing, Part One: An Introduction

David Conner
Sunday April 16, 2017

My next couple of posts will offer a step-by-step process for fast, effective, and low-cost usability testing for e-learning applications.  The approach I will be outlining represents a refinement of the processes that we at Candent have been following for many years and have found to be very successful in achieving...

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